2015 Rogue SUP – Graphic delights refined

Rogue returns to the forefront of SUP Design with their brand new 2015 quiver. Building on the success of their popular All-Water line, a new Blue and Pink series is now available alongside their classics line. Their performance boards (racing and touring) feature a quiver of updated shapes, new graphics and tons of useful features.  New for 2015, Rogue is now offering select models in their new R9 construction to provide the market with more affordable boards.

Here’s a preview of Rogue’s 2015 offerings


All-Waters -Knowing that most people who enter the sport look for something that has decent glide on flatwater (or surf if you’re on the coast or a wavy-lake) and good looks, Rogue has cornered that part of the market with their impressive line of graphic-dripped All-Water boards.  Notably the first SUP company to veer away from centered logos and traditional longboard lines, Rogue has been the innovator and one look at their boards will tell the story.  The best part is they back it up with industry-leading construction all at a reasonable price.  Available in 102′, 10’8′ and 11’2′ lengths.


Touring Series (11’4″ & 12’6) – Built to suit paddlers who want the speed and glide of a displacement style hull (think smooth and fast) yet portable enough for anyone to load without a struggle. It includes built-in tie-downs for packing gear on the front and back.

Utility SeriesLooking for a stable board for both flatwater and surf? The Tesoro line offers up both and although they’ve kept the look on the conservative side, the extra width makes them attractive to newbies and intermediate paddlers.

R1 Race (12’6) and Vandal (14′) – Coming off yet another successful test at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle, they have finally put their race boards into production and they rank among the flashiest on the market.  At around 26lbs., the 12’6 x 28″ x 7″ stock-class racer is a dialed production board with carbon inlay it’s bigger brother, the 14′ R1 Race version is a stealth flatwater flyer.


  • Inflatable Series
  • R9 Construction
  • Canadian Ambassadors to be announced
  • Tons of featuresVisit the Rogue website to view their full line! >>

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