River SUP on the Shuswap River II – ‘the chucks’

Stand Up Paddling on the river – The new frontier in SUP.  We just can’t get enough of it.  After a taste of the running the Skookumchuck rapids on Shuswap River near Mabel Lake, BC, we decided to head back in warmer weather and give the ‘chucks’ near Kingfisher another go.  This time we had another BMX-turned SUP’er, Keith Elliott with us and we all had a blast on the novice and advanced sections….

The run starts at Mabel Lake near Kingfisher in fast moving current which eventually turns into the first ‘upper chucks’ rapids.  An easy pullout from there saves you from the main section of the ‘chucks’ which would not have been so good for the Surftech Tuflite board.  If the three of us had all been riding the C4 iSUP’s, we would have gone for it – Next time!  From there we put back in near the ball diamonds where each of us endured a few more good falls during the mixed rapids and whitewater that lasted for another 20 minutes or so….. (Circa 2010)

As we rounded the ‘green mile’, we had just relaxed back into the swift moving waters when we noticed some folk on the shore.  As we paddled closer, it was a big group of guys with Kokanee Beers in hand and with two sets of rapids coming up fast, it was ‘show-time’!  We almost made it though two more sets but just for their pleasure, we all took a splash in the second set and settled in to the mellower section to finish off the day.  The fish were in hiding on this day but we did see two large eagles and as we gracefully mastered one last section, Keith soon discovered that his truck keys were in the pilot shuttle truck 3 miles from our exit.  Luckily the folk in the region are a friendly lot and a short hitched ride got us back in order.

Stay tuned for more from the wild waters of BC.


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