Keep Kalamalka Lake Blue

The 4th Annual Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival will be held August 31-September 1 and once again, Kalavida is donating proceeds to support SPrKL  (The Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake). The society was officially formed in 2008 to act as custodians of the lake to ensure that all user groups are able to enjoy their experience safely and peacefully.  Most recently, the group has initiated riparian work on Coldstream Creek, the Kalavista Lagoon and continue to monitor various threats to the lakes health and safety. 

Kalavida Surf Shop has partnered with the Society to help them raise money and awareness and will donate  proceeds from their annual Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival.  As the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding grows, Kalavida has become more active to help educate paddlers on the safe use of the lake.  SPrKL members will be on location at the event and encourage everyone to join the society.  Visit for more details.

Did you know that the North Okanagan is a raptor zone?  Learn more about that through Bishops Wild Bird Sanctuary, located on the East side of the north end of the lake.

The Purpose of SPrKL:

The purpose of SPKL is to protect the quality and health of Kalamalka Lake Watershed for all future generations, so that all user groups may enjoy the lake in an environmentally sustainable manner. SPKL was registered a Society with the BC Registrar of Companies on June 27th 2008.

Our group formed in response to a common desire to protect Kalamalka Lake, particularly in the light that it is our freshwater drinking reservoir. Historically many residents of Coldstream have expressed a similar desire; there was a Save Our Lake group and there is a Friends of Kal Park Group. Our group is inspired by the lessons learned by our founding member Christine Cookson with her experiences growing up in Switzerland and seeing first hand the results of environmental abuse on some Swiss Lakes.

We want to use a fact-based approach for decision-making with regard to Kalamalka lake and its watershed. We would like to gather water quality data, monitor and identify problem areas. Then we hope to educate and communicate with the public, and research community in order to fulfill our above stated purpose.

Connect with SPrKL now and help protect one of the provinces most beautiful lakes.

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