Sovereign and Ferguson win Kalavida Summer SUP Series Titles

Vernon’s Sheila Sovereign came out the big winner at the Kalavida Summer SUP series Finale’ winning both of the day’s races, the overall series title and then her name was pulled as the lucky winner of the C4 River SUP package.  The Grandiso Finale’, staged on Kal Beach, included an iSUP dual elimination race, where Sheila defeated Penticton Pam Young in a close heat and then went on to win the short course to capture the overall title. 

Who would have expected that the SUP scene would come this far in one year?  The sport has been growing by leaps and bounds in the US and around the world but was slow to finally reach Canada.  That all changed this year and now we can proudly say that the SUP scene has arrived.  On Tuesday, August 17, the Kalavida Summer SUP Series came to a thrilling conclusion the beaches of Kalamalka Lake and the new format kept everyone on their feet…

I’ve been a BMX racer kid for most of my adult  life so we wanted to introduce some head-to-head action to see how everyone responded.   I think everyone was into it so hopefully we can work on the format to streamline it for next year.

C4 iSUP SPRINT SHOWDOWN (13 Women / 11 Men)

Athletes were placed into a starting grid roughly based on the standings from the series and it was designed to have the fastest racers on opposite sides of the grid to keep things fair (same in MTB, BMX, etc).   Going into the event, Sheila Sovereign and Regena Seminutin were at the top of the standings so they were on opposite draws but a number of fast femme’s were wildcards including Lisette Smid, Penticton Pam Young and Michelle Mitchell so there would be many surprises.

The first twist was when Regena Seminutin took an untimely fall around the buoy in her first round.  This allowed Lisette Smid to move on and thus eliminated Regena from the title chase. (Drama…..).   Lisette then dismantled newcomer Vicky Young to make her way onto the Semi finals against Pam Young who won a close one against Michelle Mitchell.  Sheila Sovereign marched her way through her side to meet up with Jen Forbes who made the trip from Chilliwack.  In the Semi-finals, Sovereign managed her way past Forbes and Pam Young stroked her way past Smid to set up a Vernon-Penticton final.  Young is known for  having an almost-perfect stroke but it wasn’t enough to get past a determined Sovereign who captured the win.

On the men’s draw series leader, Cory Ferguson marched his way into the semi-finals beating out Ken Rymer of Kelowna and met up with Peter Dodenhoff who outlasted Chris Hromek both of Kelowna.  On the other side, Mike ‘Silent H’ Hainault used his off-the-couch natural talent to meet up in the Semi finals against Greg Taylor who squeaked in by a mere 3 inches against Al Saunders.  Ferguson’s wild paddling technique was enough to push him into the main event where he would meet up with Hainault who defeated Taylor.  So it was the series leader vs. the Natural.  ANd when the drops had settled, Mike Hainault had pulled off the dream run beating out Ferguson in a close final.

Results: Women

  1. Sheila Sovereign, Vernon
  2. Pam Young, Penticton
  3. Lisette Smid, Coldstream
  4. Jen Forbes, Chilliwack

Results: Men

  1. Mike Hainault, Vernon
  2. Cory Ferguson, Vernon
  3. Greg Taylor, Vernon
  4. Peter Dodenhoff, Kelowna

And then, just when everyone thought it was over for the night, it was then time for the short ‘SUP DOCK’ course.


Immediately following the sprint race, Kalavida put on a second race dubbed ‘SUP DOCK’.  It was a short, two-lap course that included two ‘under-the-dock’ portages and lots of action.  All 20 athletes took to the course from the water and the first left buoy turn saw all kinds of action.  Once again, Sheila Sovereign took matters into her own paddle and although she had the title wrapped up, she set out to be the first one to the finish line.  With Cory Spicoli on the sidelines, Greg Taylor took the men’s holeshot and the duel began.  Taylor managed to stay a few board lengths ahead of Sovereign but two mistakes almost cost Taylor the lead.  In the end, Taylor touched beach first with Sovereign only a few strokes behind.   Coincidently, the two were both racing on C4 Holoholo’s so it was a good day for the Hawaiian Based company who sponsored the series.

Off n' paddling they go - The start of the 'SUP Dock' short course

Results: Women

  1. Sheila Sovereign
  2. Pam Young
  3. Rhonda Tetz
  4. Regena Seminutin
  5. Lisette Smid
  6. Vicky Young
  7. Tina Barrette
  8. Jess Rayner
  9. Nicole J
  10. Elise Kruysisix
  11. Jennifer Sorensen
  12. Ariana Behrend

Results: Men

  1. Greg Taylor
  2. Mike Hainault
  3. Peter Dodenhoff
  4. Bob Purdy
  5. Chris Hromek
  6. Ken Rymer
  7. Jeff Meyers
  8. Jeremy Poettecker

And then it was on to the Afterparty at the Cookson Log House where Sheila Sovereign ended up winning the C4 iSUP River SUP Prize draw – a big night for her and everyone who participated in the series.  The party included good food, drinks and some great music by local artist Manfred Harter.

Final Standings:


  1. Sheila Sovereign
  2. Regena Seminutin
  3. Lisette Smid


  1. Cory Ferguson
  2. Mike Hainault
  3. Wade ‘Woody’ Anderson


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